Donkey of Otorohanga

After we picked up our car from the airport in Auckland, we drove south to the Waitomo Caves (where we couldn't take any pictures) and on to Wellington to meet Jeremy.

On the way, it is our habit to stop at almost every possible scenic viewpoint, pull out, layby, resturant or cafe.

Otorohanga is where we had lunch (or maybe breakfast) on our first day in New Zealand (we really have no idea since we've been awake since we left Vancouver on the 22nd and now it's the 24th... Behind the resturant/cafe/conference centre (we're still not sure) there was a place where they grew kiwis and a donkey. It's just a nice picture. I think I had some chips and a napoleon, but I'll never be sure...

Photo: S.MacLeod ©2007

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