Astronomy of Kèthîra

Price: $10.00

By Keléstia Productions Staff
PDF document
4 articles, 48 pages (illustrated).

Two major articles are included here. First, the Astronomy of Kèthîra is fully documented - not just the paths of the moon and planets, but the methods used to study them and the impact that Kèthîra’s unique celestial arrangement has made on science and society.

Next, Astrology is described with the same thoroughness. A detailed astrological system is described
that reflects Kèthîra’s unique astronomy. The history of Astrology and its role in Kèthîran societies is explored.

We provide all the information necessary to make Astrology a regular part of your campaign.

As a bonus, a Java-based computer program is provided to generate star maps, charts, and full horoscopes.

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