Atlas Keléstia - 2012 Annual Bundle (Issues #15-30)

A collection of PDF documents and Excel spreadsheets for 16 issues of Atlas Keléstia map squares gathered together for convenient purchase at a discounted price. This bundle includes all the issues of Atlas Keléstia that were released during the 2012 calendar year.

Each map square includes a layered PDF map showing 625 square leagues of high-resolution vegetation and relief, with detailed geographical features, towns, castles, keeps, villages, shrines, mines, peaks and more. Notes and data are provided for each named location on the map, as both a PDF document and an Excel file. A 'flattened' version of the map is also included, as is a map key explaining the terrain coloring and symbols.

For further information about each of the 16 included map squares, click on the individual product links below.

For more about the series, visit the Atlas Keléstia homepage. To view a listing of Atlas Keléstia issues by release date, see the chronological listing.

$62.25Price: $62.25

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