I’d Rather be a Forest Than Asleep: Yes I Wood, If I Could, I Surely Wood

People sometimes say, “I can’t complain”, but they rarely mean it. Seems to me that one can usually complain, unless one has lost one’s tongue in some terrible trumpeting accident or can’t find a suitable stick. [Read more...]

I'm Turning into a Cane Toad

Vladimir Ilyich Ulianov's ‘secret party name’ was Nicolai Lenin. By 'party name' we are not talking about what he told the girls at parties to impress them; rather he and his comrades hoped that if the tsar’s secret police got hold of one name they would never be able to connect the dots to the other. [Read more...]

The Adventures of Radioactive Man

It is Good to be Radioactive Man...
For Some Value of Good

Apparently, I'm radioactive now and I should not travel to the USA. If I do, it will raise eyebrows among the worthies who guard the border.

"Hmmm... radioactive Canadian." they will think...

They already think we eat too much cheese. [Read more...]

Build me an Arc: But Watch Out for the Man Behind the Curtain...

Some stories have it, some don't. Special relationships. Embodied by repârté, by explicit or unexpressed love, by loyalty, by acrid vapours, by expressions on faces, in humour, in all seriousness, innocently, in ernest or insincere villany. Some stories have it some don't. Those that lack it seem to suffer from a dislocation of the soul. [Read more...]

Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain.

I just added a thingy to the 'Did you know...' wossname about the suspension of disbelief. I like making up aphorisms, but this seems particularly appropriate today. Take blogging, for example. (I simply cannot believe that someone has contributed the verb 'to blog' to our beautiful language... couldn't we reverse engineer Latin instead? What about French, or Esperanto? No one's using that.) [Read more...]

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