Menêma - Hèpekéria's Maritime Crossroads

We are pleased to publish the first of four Regional Maps and Gazetteers for the sub-continent of Hèpekéria. The first of these is Menêma - Hèpekéria's Maritime Crossroads.

This publication covers the Kingdoms of Menêma, Dýsor, Geména and Vítho, and the wild lands of Dálani. It also outlines the Númec lands of the Lawâta and 'Air tribes, and the subsidiary realm, Azúwirat. Over 100 entries are described.

This is a fascinating region, with the Kôrlic realms of Dýsor and Geména overshadowed by the powerful Ivínian-dominated Kingdom of Menêma. To the south and east is the Àzeryáni colony realm of Vítho, while inland the Númec 'Air and Lawâta tribes are dominant.

This module includes an electronic map suitable for printing at 50cmx37.5cm (20”x15”).

For further details, and to purchase, see:

Tempest13's picture

Square JX

Square JX has a lot of errant village and town markers. Either that or a underwater merman colony.

pokep's picture

Oooh. They are tiny villages

Oooh. They are tiny villages and keeps. Must be mer-hobbits or mer-gnomes.

Fástred's picture

A tidal wave has washed them away, sadly

Sadly they are now all ex-underwater villages.

Please re-download the file.

Alex Greene
Alex Greene's picture

I think one of them was Shomos

I'm sure one of them could have been Shomos. Had a little sign and all.

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