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Harshlands has been running for many years and has been visited by some Harniacs, some who stay and others who do not. Ultimately my goal as one of the games administrators is to offer a place where one can live in Harn and experience it in all its grit.

The greatest set back in an online world is the fact that you do not get that GM/Player sitting around the dining room table gaming feel. The GM is usually working on the world and functionality of the game for the Player and any responses to Player questions/requests are usually next day/week scenario's which leaves the Player in the seat of the instigator with other Players reacting to them most of the time since the GM is rarely right there to bounce off of.

This creates an interesting situation for the Players who can do what they wish within the world and see what happens. Many times other Players will become involved either on purpose or in reaction to actions taken by a Player.

A wonderful weave is created and it can flourish if nurtured.

Alot of gamers would call Harshlands a big chat room. However alot of role-playing is talking. The game offers many tools to role-play and even adventure if that is ones wish with a wounds based combat system which will be familiar to HarnMaster enthusiasts.

This is just me rambling. I figured since Robin made his site interactive I should do the courtesy of at least contributing.

Keep it Harsh, Harniacs.

- Fred aka Blackhorde

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I've played harshlands for a bit, and I think a big problem with it, is that you have trouble finding people to play with. There is no way to find others with out wandering around aimlessly unpopulated spaces. That and you die from hunger and such (which is good for Realism) but over all it make people bunch together ...

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...roughly six years now. It was the first P-Hârn I ever got to know and I've learned to love it: For me it's been rather addictive :-) It's true some times and places can be scarce of other people, but most can find company from the PC run Inns of main playing areas (meaning Tashal and Trobridge). If you're about to try, please check the Harshlands forum and ask for advice there if (when) you need it!

Welcome to try Harshlands: The players there will greet you... either with a flagon of ale or a dagger in your back.

There are currently 21 players on the isle of Harn. (Situation while writing this)

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Sierra Vista/Ft. Huachuca, AZ USA

Well, there does not seem to be any support for Macintosh, the only guidance is "sign up here", trying to e-mail for some simple information gave me an e-mail bounce... appears things are not being kept current. It's not a very welcoming opening ... if you want it to be harsh, you are on the right track.

If you want to compete with the likes of rpol, you need to make starting a bit easier, learning not too lethal, and then let folks go out on their own.

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I assume for "support" you mean some general mud client that would run on mac os X ? There's a couple, at least - Savitar http://www.heynow.com/Savitar/ and Mudwalker http://mudwalker.cubik.org/ A plain telnet is usable as well, but a rather crude way to play. Also, there is a java client at Harshlands www pages (in "starting" section) one could use to log in (for example from a computer that does not have any mud clients).
I know there's been issues with emails from gmail addresses bouncing but otherwise the Staff address ( staff@harshlands.net ) works to my knowledge.
I've also nudged the Staff about the email bounce so they could contact you :)

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Sierra Vista/Ft. Huachuca, AZ USA

Well the e-mail is for our local Historical gaming group.
When I tried the Staff e-mail it bounced and I am not using G-mail.
Thanks for stepping in, I'll give it another go.

Voila! we have contact... thank very much.

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Good to hear you got contact. Heh. I will admit an ignorance of Mac's, so certainly not a conspiracy, but rather you can't show what you don't know sorta thang. :)

Love any feedback about the website harshlands.net or its forum at php.harshlands.net

As previously stated one can play the game via the Java Client link. If that doesn't work for Macs just let me know.

If you find some reliable Mac MUD client downloads let me know and I'll add that to the site links.

Let us know how things go.

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The addresses of OSX mud clients are a couple of posts up, but if someone is still considering trying Harshlands, feel free to email me ( horus(at)sci.fi ) if you'll need help for character creation (well, likely you won't :-D ) or any commands while ingame. Sure enough, faster way to get answers will be to use the Harshlands board.

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I am on a mac and the osx clients seem to work for me. Overall everything seems great.

ven@Mac RPG

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We have recently updated the "notify" command to make it a bit easier to know where players are.

When in the game you can "notify harshlands" and players online have the option to "notify area" which will show you their short description and the room name they are currently in.

This way you will know if players are at a local inn drinking, temple praying, etc.

You still need to wander around a bit to get an idea of where things are but luckily the regions are built using the Harn maps so if you are familiar with places in Harn you will be able to use your maps to get around fairly easily in Harshlands. :)