Right to bear arms in Chelemby

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Hi all,

Apologies in advance if I have posted this in the wrong forum.

With 70-odd percent of Chelembians belonging to tia-nalari clans, how does the right to bear arms differ to feudal kingdoms, such as those on Harn?

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PS: I have recently been giving Chelemby, Koladis and Evanekin close attention as the island kingdom is the setting for a new campaign. I'm really enjoying the modules you have published so far, and am looking forward to the City module, which I hope will not be too long coming. Meanwhile, I will probably have lots of questions: is this the place for them or the Current Products forum?

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I think you have to remember

Thats is a good question...

Ivinian culture (including Chelemby) is fundamentally different to feudal society. Their society is inherently a collection of clans; ultimate authority tends to be given to a person's clanhead (Valhakkar) rather than a centralised government under a king.

An Ivinian Kingdom is a collection of independant clans under the influence of the most powerfull clan. If a clan is strong enough, it can demand tribute from lesser clans (often with implied threat of force), naturally if the clan objects, there could be raids, skirmishes, piracy, war etc. A kingdom is run in a very similar fashion to a clan (with tributory clans) albeit on a substantially larger scale.

The actual structure of an Ivinian Kingdom can be rather fluid, particularly compared to the rigid formal sub-infeudination of a feudal kingdom. The big difference is that there is no formal obligation, a tributory clan doesn't have a formal requirement to provide military support to his overlord; if he doesn't provide support, there will be repercussions (usually violent in nature) from his overlord, providing of course he survives his current military problem and still has military domininace of the tributary clan.

This is roughly my take on Chelemby...

The Valhakkar is the ultimate authority in his lands. Noone, not even the king can tell him what to do on his land. Although there may be political, legal and other ramifications if his decisions impact on other Tia-Nalari clans. The right to carry weapons/armour etc is purely at the descretion of your Valhakkar.

Note: In Ivinian society, I take bearing arms to be carrying weapons and armour that can not legitmately be considered purely for self defence (eg: Handaxe, Shorkana, Dagger, Leather Armour etc).

Off the clan's direct holdings it varies somewhat. If you are on another clan's land, it is at the discretion of that Valhakkar; if you are under the protection of a Tia-Nalari clan and have some peacefull legitmate reason to carry arms, you are generally ok. If you don't have the protection of a Tia-Nalari clan, you will likely be asked some rather difficult questions.

Legally, unless you are under the protection of a Tia-Nalari clan (either a member of, or have the patronage of a Tia-Nalari clan), you are pretty much fair game for anyone who does. Basically you are at the descretion of every Tia-Nalari clansmen you come accross; most of whom will generally take exception to people being excessively armed unless there is some significant reason for you to carry weapons. (eg: body guard, caravan guard etc)

In any case, a clansmen's actions whilst on other lands will directly reflect their clan and valhakkar. If you cause problems, it causes problems with your clan; your valhakkar or his representatives will likely deal with it as they see fit.

One exception to this may be the regular military, who have right to carry arms regardless of their origin. Their behaviour reflects on their superiors and ultimately the King and Queen; interestingly, their behaviour may also reflect on their Tia-Nalari clan (if any)

An interesting question mark is the fighting orders attached to Agrikan and the Laranian orders in Chelemby. Do they:

1.Have special legal status to carry weapons? (effectly the religious order acts like a quasi Tia-Nalari clan) or

2. Would their right to carry weapons be inherited from a member's Tia Nalari clan?

If it is the former, then it is a viable means for non Tia-Nalari clansmen (and their clients) to carry arms.

If it is the second case, does it make the Tia-Nalari clan's Valhakkar more important than his religious superiors??

I suspect that it has never been clearly defined (after all religious fighting orders are a relatively new concept brought in with Larani and Agrikan worship); both may be valid in various mixes according to the individual situation. (which could make things very interesting)

I hope this helps...

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Right to bear arms in Chelemby

Thanks, Peter, that is helpful. As I've previously focussed nearly all my attention on Kaldor, the different social structure of Chelemby will take some getting used to.

I imagine that in places under Nastrad (or is it royal) authority, ie, Chelemby city, Koladis and Evanekin, there are certain conventions on bearing arms that are followed? Presumably the clanheads and their house guards would be allowed the full range of arms, whereas for most other folk there would be limits?


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Good questions and discussion

Dan and Peter

What you have both raised and discussed sounds about right.

Chélemby is an evolving cultural mixture, so it has elements of Ivínian and southwestern 'feudal' culture.

On the nalâri (freeholds), the rights (and responsibilities!) regarding bearing arms will be dictated by the válhakâr (clandhead) and the thrángaad (ruling council), much as Peter has suggested. Generally, members of a tia-nalári (noble) clan will expect to be able to bear some arms; but you would only expect the válhakâr, their immediate circle (the 'válhakøren') and the husgâranen (huscarls) to be significantly armed most of the time.

In the towns, in the national reserve (wilderness) and on the royal highways, the rule of the Nálstrad (parliament) and the Crown apply, as Daniel has suggested, and probably in the way he has suggested.



Fástred al Beréma,
Rówanti al Sávè-k’nôr

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