HM Gold Player Edition Margins Issue

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Not sure if this is the right area, but I was making a printed copy of my Player's Edition PDF and noticed that the margins in the Roleplaying section of the manual are not mirrored properly for binding. All the pages are margined as right-hand pages. The margins in the rest of the file are fine?

Can the margins be corrected and can I get a 'Fixed' copy?

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Bad Mirror

I am, frankly, amazed that no one has noticed this before... Perhaps no one has ever wanted to print the Roleplaying article until now?

I will get right on it...

Ok... we have found the problem and fixed it in a new version (no new version number) of the pdf file. The new version will replace the old one in the eShop immediately and we will reissue to everyone who asks...

Management appologises for the inconveniences (but still can't believe that no one noticed until now!)...

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I've printed it out numerous

I've printed it out numerous times. Can't say as I ever noticed it though :)

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New file received

I got the replacement file from the "My Files" section. And I now have a completely printed rule book. Thank you for addressing the issue.

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Hmmm ... I never noticed

Hmmm ... I never noticed this, but I have not yet tried to print it out though.

Could I get an updated copy please?


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Brian, I should make you

Brian, I should make you come and pick one up in person... you haven't been out here in ... ?

but... check your my files page... :)

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Ah ... yes indeed it has

Ah ... yes indeed it has been a while hasn't it. And now I'm overwhelmed with holiday season events (mainly for my children).

I shall plan a visit for the near future!

Thanks for the file in the meantime :) ... we have a spiffy new colour laser printer here at work and I might try a few pages on that.


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filesize difference

Just curious ... the old PDF is about 22 Mb while the new one is around 10 Mb in size. There doesn't appear to be a difference between the documents in Adobe Reader (other than the repaired margins). What would cause the discrepancy?


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Darn good question. My copy

Darn good question.

My copy is 19.6 MB, but I just found that if I re-saved the file using Acrobat Pro that it would go down to 8.7 MB. And I didn't even specify and optimizations.

If I do specify some optimizations, I can get it down to 4.6 MB and there doesn't seem any degradation of the bitmap images worth mentioning.

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Adobe achieves PDF breakthrough

I think we have to acknowledge the possibility that Adobe did indeed manage to improve their compression algorhythms :)

I actually noticed the difference when I created the new file. If I weren't quite as lazy as I in fact appear to be... I would probably rebuild all our distribution files as version 6 (the earlier ones are version 5). I may, however, wait until I get version 7 or 8...

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