Kethiran races.

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Hi all.

Are there 'races' of Kethirans in the same way as percieved on Terra?

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Language, Culture & Ethnicity

Well, first of all, I'm not sure the word 'race' gets properly used much on Terra. I think it's synonymous with species, in which case there is only one human race, unified by the ability to inter-breed. However, within that species there are certain variations, mainly due to isolated development in different climes over very long periods of time. This is what I think you're asking about.

Language families generally reflect ethnic and 'racial' divisions, on Kèthîra as well as Terra.

Frankly, some of this we have not yet nailed down, especially in regard to the Far East of Lýthia.

Living in a tropical/equatorial climate for a very long period of time does darken the skin.

The people of Central Anzelôria are what we might call 'black', as are at least some folk in Southeastern Lýthia and Mernat. However, there are going to be some analogous distributions of 'racial attributes' which will present something of a mystery to those who study the ethnicity of Kèthîra. This is going to be a long term puzzle (for your edification and entertainment) involving language, culture and psycho-physical attributes.

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Perhaps I am conflating

Perhaps I am conflating published canon with material I've written and which may never see the light of day, but I could swear that I have somewhere run across comments about dark-skinned travelers from Anzeloria and possibly "swarthy" folk from Hepekeria. If so, it would presumably be in material about a port town, perhaps Cherafir?

As noted elsewhere, the idea of three races on Earth is essentially a 19th century idea which has now been pretty much trodden into the ground.

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