Courage, as a ritual invocation

Lawrence Bryan
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Any feeling for which deities would have such a ritual? (It's mentioned in the index.) I added it to Larani with a III for the circle.

What other rituals have folks introduced?


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Courage... could certainly use some of that...

Well, it is a bit odd that courage is not allocated to any of the ten major deities, however it would also be odd if I had avoided every possible mistake and pitfall in constructing a set of rules, especially since I was never trying to create a perfect system.

I think your 'solution' is reasonable, bearing in mind that I have also tried to 'balance' the 'power' of each type of cleric. It may be that courage *should* belong to Laráni, and I can't see a big problem either way. However, I suppose it is vaguely possible that it might be too much.

Also consider, that there are numerous aspects and 'fusions' of deities (and demi-deities) as well as the possibility of indirect worship (though a demi-deity) that certainly suggest both a variation (stronger or weaker) of these rituals together with a variation of the success rates. Different aspects and fusions of deities would also suggest different combinations of ritual invocation. There is room for a lot of fun here.

There is also a question about how ritual invocations may or may not work for shamans...

In fact, if there is interest, I may ask one of the talented and very helpful folks in the HârnMakers Guild to put together an Invocation 'profile' for 'Méndiz Worshippers' or some such ? (This would form the basis for all indirect worship :)

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Shamans and ritual invocations

They work for shamans just as they work for knights, mages, and the occasional gong farmer. A shaman and a priest are two different critters. :)

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