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Website news and a new scheduled chat

As correctly pointed out over at HârnForum, we've had a spam bot being up to mischief at Creating fake user accounts, it posted the usual links to the usual dubious websites.

We hope this wasn't too annoying or embarrassing. ;) In either case, as the webmaster I apologise for not making it even more difficult for these pests. On the bright side, I already took the appropriate measure: User registration now requires a so called "visual confirmation" -- i.e., entering numbers and letters shown in an image as distorted figures. Thanks to the spam bots' poor eyesight, they now seem to be held at bay! :)

Apart from having had some spam (of which we will hopefully be staying free from now on), we are planning to publish some new actual "meat": a new website column (in addition to Penny Arcane and Lore) that we hope will turn out to be a treat for all Hârn GMs and players. We call this new column "Scenario Ideas". It is going to be a very special answer to the call for more "Hârnic adventures" in providing both generic, open-ended and more specific, detailed material to be used in your (ongoing or freshly started) campaign on Kèthîra. You can expect this material to consist of locations, characters, and story hooks. Some issues will include maps or illustrations, some will be similar to small fleshed out adventure modules while others will be collections of inspirations and ideas for you to develop further.

The Scenario Ideas are going to be launched next week!

As indicated by the intended pun in this story's title, we are also planning to have more community activity going on on This Sunday (March 2, 2008) will see the first in a series of scheduled chat meetings, that will be held in our Tavern ("chat section"). The session will begin at 22:00 GMT/UTC, and both Hârn fans and HârnMakers are invited to join in a live discussion of what Robin called "Looking to the Future". We hope to see you there -- if you can make it.

We would like to make the chat meeting a regular event -- every Sunday, starting 22:00 GMT/UTC, open end. I set up a countdown timer (non-JavaScript, refreshing with each page load) that tells you exactly how long it is until the next HârnChat. To find out what 22:00 GMT/UTC is in your time zone, the time converter on can be of help.

So much for now. See you at HârnChat! :)

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Looking forward to Scenario Ideas

Jan and KPers,

Scenario Ideas sounds like a great idea. I look forward to next week's launch.


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That sounds Great

A similar idea is being produced by LPJ design, a weekly adventure, stand alone but linkable. I just got the first two to see about converting to Harn, as they sounded like they might work at Golotha, a location my Players will be at soon. They are designed for D20 with all the attending hassel of converting high fantasy. But it might be a idea Kelestia could look at. One good addition they have is a group of rating systems that allow you to look at the module and get a feel for its content (difficulty, reward, location, NPC interaction etc).


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Thanks for the URL, Allan! I

Thanks for the URL, Allan! I think this is a great way to give GMs more differentiated information about a module without the danger of giving away parts of the story to potential players. I was in fact thinking about a way to realise this for our Scenario Ideas -- and this seems like a neat concept to "borrow" :). Actually, I think we will come up with something very similar. Thanks again!

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Well... HârnChat I was a

Well... HârnChat I was a nice little meeting. It was great fun talking to you folks live! For those who couldn't attend, here is the archived chat (as promised ;)):

I am looking forward to next week's HârnChat II, again on Sunday, starting at 22:00 GMT/UTC (countdown timer already set again).

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Will the last chat be available also?

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HarnChat II Archive

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Thanks oh Spawner of

Thanks oh Spawner of foulness..

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Link to HârnChat Archives

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'Leakage', makes me sad, makes me LOL. Leakage of nothing = nothing. Its all about production, not reduction.

Peter the skald
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Same old story.

I dont know if I should respond but..
I wrote the rant, I deleted the rant. Read the latest Harn Chat, just makes me cry with frustration, same old secret projects. I cant game for many more years, as the hobby is dying (here). How about smaller projects to keep the material flowing. Please.

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They are not secret projects


Really, I think you need to calm down. If they were really "secret" projects, do you think we would be discussing them in Hârn Chat? I raised them there because I was, and am, more than happy to discuss ideas with fans. If you can't handle that, then don't read the Hârn Chat archives.

I think your expectations of what can be produced which is of high quality by a small team when the lead author is seriously ill are unreasonable. I would have thought that the fact we are working hard on a range of projects should be encouraging, not discouraging. Would you rather we did nothing?

Yours in equal frustration....


Fástred na Beréma,
Rówanti na Sávè-k’nôr

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Whilst the current

Whilst the current production schedule is less than ideal; you have to take into consideration the fact that Robin is not well.

I am actually encouraged by all the development work going on; there seems to be alot more Harn being actively developed now than there has been in a long time.

The Chelemby stuff is great, that is a huge addition to the Harn gaming world. I particularly like the level of detail that has gone into it all, I personally don't think quality should be compromised for quantity.

Modules and adventures are certainly nice in the interim, but that would probably result in resources being taken away from the major projects. Personally I am happy to wait and see what kelestia produces next. But thats just my preference.

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No off course, you are correct. Just counting down my gaming days makes me sad. So much still to have fun with and no time.
And yes I wrote down the Robin not well issue in my original deleted post, I tried to spell it out from a fan/customers point of view. And yes I understand the small design team.
Cooler and more eloquent heads prevail, and I shall now go back to sitting on my hands.

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Your Gaming Days may be waning but...

...the thrill of Harn and well written RPG can go on forever. As many of the older gamers know, the time available for face-to-face gaming becomes ever more rare and precious. But the ability to collect and admire (and plan out sessions that may never be) can never be taken away.

In the last decade, I have not had the opportunity to play in a face-to-face game. Yet I still collect Harn (both Canon and Fanon)and participate in the occasional discussion. It allows me to think about a subject I care deeply about and to leave the mundane world behind. While the wife nags about, "Is this going to make any money" (a term I've come to loath) I always respond that this is a HOBBY and it certainly beats sitting around all weekend swilling beer and watching sports.

Fear not, your mind and it's imagination can not be taken away.

The man who WOULD NOT be king.

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