Scenario Idea 1: Tyána's Shade

Saturday is still part of the week, right? ;) -- As promised in the previous announcement, we hereby launch our new website feature: Scenario Ideas, an intermittently published series of inspirations and material for adventures and campaigns set on Kèthîra.

We start out with a revised version of the classical mini-scenario Tyána's Shade. It comes as a PDF document and contains maps and statistics for HârnMaster Gold and GURPS. Additional support for the d20 System is planned for future issues of the series; should you want to play Tyána's Shade using d20 rules, please say so -- we will then provide an appropriate stat sheet as a separate download.

A certain innovation is the "Information and Rating" system: On the title page of each Scenario Ideas document, game masters are given a quick yet differentiated overview over the material within the respective issue -- without giving away any possible spoilers to players that might be looking for an adventure for their group. In this regard, I would like to thank our member Allan for encouraging the employment of such a system.

We are going to quote the Information and Rating part in each issue's announcement here on the site -- like in the following for Tyána's Shade.

Setting: a hilly forest area close to human civilisation,in a temperate climate zone of Kèthîra

Overall Threat Rating: low

Generic Specific
Site-based Event-based
Self-contained Open-ended
Wilderness Survival:
NPC Interaction:

Extras: maps, NPC statistics

We hope you have fun using Tyána's Shade in your campaign and are looking forward to feedback of any sort.
Jack's picture

One of my old favorites!

I had a lot of fun haunting a group of PC's with Tyana once - it's nice to see it again . . .


Old style heraldry: Sable, the pale argent.

New style heraldry: Oreo, resting on edge.

Allan's picture


A new/old Kelestia adventure, Great.
Lets see lots more.

Allan's picture

Map Numbers

The numbers on the map could be a little bigger.

Allan's picture

The suppense is geting to

The suppense is geting to me, were's the next adventure?

TheAncientOne's picture

This is Harn, and you must read VERY carefully...

In the original post announcing "Scenario Ideas" it stated: " ***intermittently*** published series of inspirations and material for adventures and campaigns set on Kèthîra.

And while Robin creates EXCELLENT articles, his rate of production is (shall we say) a bit slower than some folks. You will notice that most of his fans have the patience to wait (literally) decades for a project to mature. (Shall we perhaps mention Triezon?)

I also might mention I was not "Ancient" when I first discovered Harn in the mid-eighties. However time does go on and...

The man who WOULD NOT be king.

Robin's picture

Slow production

Hey... that's a bit unfair. I never promised a date of publication for Trierzon... I still haven't. Which should tell you something about whose fault *that* was.

I should also point out that during the past five years, "my" output has be at a vastly greater rate than during the preceding twenty years (which should tell you something more).

Admittedly, while suffering from cancer over the past two years, I have slowed down quite a bit, and I appreciate your patience about that :)

TheAncientOne's picture

Apologies Effendi...

...I did not mean to offend.

Just mentioning that a high state of anticipation for prolonged periods can cause health problems. But this is a problem for the young. Your older audience is more than content to wait for the delights of the mind that your writing always provide.

Plus it allows One to work on graciousness and good manners, with only the occasional snide comment to liven the discussion.

Have I groveled enough now????

The man who WOULD NOT be king.

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