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I am having difficulty wrapping my mind around how Siem could be the special deity of both the Sindarin and the Khuzdul. It is strange that two species that seem so different in temperament and characteristics could hold the same deity sacred. They strike me as completely different in the way that they view Kelestia. Can anyone help me explain this apparent disconnect?


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I’ve always taken the view that Siem is simply a god. He can, from that perspective have a sindarin aspect and a khuzan aspect. They need not look the same.

He has (according to HMR and IIRC Gods of Hârn) a couple of ‘demi-god’ servants one of whom, Sereniel, looks khuzan. Both species are ‘nature lovers’. Geology is as natural as ecology. I can see religious disputes over which aspect of Siem is the most important. Sindarin will stress the importance of growing and living things. The khuzdul will point out that without the great body of Kethira, the basic minerals and earth, there would be no growing and living things.


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Siém and the Elder Folk

While Siém is perceived by many to have a special relationship with the Elder Folk, that is (as Neil has suggested) simply one aspect of his nature. Both Elder peoples have their own perspective on this particular God.

This is actually the case for all of the Gods. The Hârnic perspective is simply that - the Hârnic perspective. Other cultures, peoples and beings have other perspectives. The Gods are truely "unknowable" - this is even enshrined in the "Principle of Ineluctability"....

However, the fact that both the Elder folk see themselves as having a special relationship with the same God actually suggests that the "differences" between them are not as profound as is often suggested. As Neil has also pointed out, both of the Elder peoples are "naturalistic" - just in varying ways.

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