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My friends, I wish to apologise for my abrupt departure from Harn Chat VI on Sunday. As some of you may know, I am working on a tugboat and my internet access is sporadic. My boat was called upon to do a job and since i am serving as both the Deckhand and the engineer, I had to jump to it and I couldn't say goodbye properly.

It was a good topic too. We were in the midsts of discussing Magic, miracles and psionics and their relationship to each other. There was a point that I was trying to make, but we were all very passionately discussing this matter so I was trying to get everything that was being said as well. There were a lot of great hypothosis.

One thing that really struck me was the number of opinions on the matter. It showed me that the Harnmaster system wasn't tied to one idea. In other game systems (I won't bother mentioning any names) Most of the magic is locked into defined perameters, but in this game we as GM's have a bit more leeway in interpreting the rules.

I like that.

Hopefully I will be around for the next Harn Chat. I'll try to keep myself open for the con too (when was that again?).



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Last weekend of August,

Last weekend of August, Vancouver BC

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Go if you can. Last years (at Leeds) was my first. I'd love to get to Vancouver, but alas it's a long way for a short visit and my summer holidays were booked elsewhere. I'm hoping IviniaCon (in Gothenburg) will be just as good.

You'll be made welcome by those attending, and you'll be able to sit in a bar discussing Harnic politics :)


- "Pardon me for living, I'm sure."

-- (Terry Pratchett, Mort)

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