History of the Mángai

History of the Mángai

One of the features of advanced societies across northwestern Lýthia is the pervasive nature of the association of Guilds known as the Mángai. The Mángai is considerably more wide-spread and powerful than equivalent Terran medieval guilds, and as an international element that is largely unique to Lýthia.

How did this situation come into being? The answer to this question will be explored in the upcoming Venârivè module, but some of the key facts are related here.

The Mángai as an institution originated in the region now known as Karéjia in the third century TR. It evolved from much more ancient "trade associatons" amongst the Kàruía peoples (the ancestors of the Karéjians). The first meeting of the "Mángai" took place shortly before the conquest of Karéjia by Ázeryàn. In the following decades, under the cloak of the Imperium, the Mángai formed relationships with similar organisations in the Far East, Mafán and Anzelôria.

Eventually, in TR321, in alliance with Ázeryàni "merchant associations", the Mángai sought and were granted an Empire-wide Charter, which gave them extensive privileges in the areas of trade and the control of crafts. The new, Imperial-sponsored, Mángai came to dominate large areas of economic activity all across the Empire, and beyond, including sponsoring trading and exploration expeditions and the foundation of an number of key trading posts (such as Beldîra in TR348). By TR493, even the Hârnic "Court of Pentacles" had allied itself with the powerful Mángai.

The Mángai, by offering payments to new rulers as the Ázeryàn Empire retreated, was able to maintain its position even as the Empire which had launched it declined. Even today, the Mángai remains an extremely powerful institution, although it is not as unified as it once was.

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Does the Mangai have an

Does the Mangai have an enforcement branch or the equivilent of liaison officers? For example, if the Mangai were really suspicous of some smuggling activitey at a certain port, they might dispatch a few highly trained individuals to join in the skullduggery, and report back on all the activity. I guess like any major organization, they'll have a network of spies and informants.

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Bondmasters & Harbourmasters

Bonding Masters and Harbourmasters are the principal enforcement officers. And since the local lord / magnate / officials get a "cut" of the Mángai payments, then they also have an interest in enforcing the "Mángai-monopoly".

In an sense, the Mángai acts as a "protection racket" ... you pay money to belong, and the Mángai pays off the local officals to keep them sweet....

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