HârnCon VI [August 29 - 31] Vancouver

The sixth edition of HârnCon returns to Vancouver BC, Canada this coming August 29-31.

The venue for the weekend is the Marpole Curling Club, which offers a large meeting room as well as a spacious pub, both of which have plenty of tables for gaming.

For those wishing to book accommodations, the Coast Vancouver Airport Hotel offers a special rate for participants at Marpole Curling Club events. The manager of the club mentioned that occasionally the desk staff at the hotel has been unaware of the special rate, but checking with their supervisor has always resolved any issues.

The Marpole Club is about 3 blocks away from the hotel. Maps and directions are available on both web sites.

The fee for the weekend will be CDN $30 in advance, or CDN $40 at the door. The advantage of registering in advance (other than saving $10) is that you will be able to sign up to run and/or play games in advance on the web. Advance fees can be paid using PayPal to bmcneilly@shaw.ca, or you can mail a cheque to me (please contact me directly to obtain my mailing address).

The Vancouver Gaming Guild is sponsoring the convention, and we will be using their online registration system to schedule the weekend. You will need to create a profile for yourself in the registration system. As well as a login id, you will be asked to enter your real name, which is used in the game schedule. We don’t use aliases in the schedule since it is much easier to locate “Brian McNeilly” on game day than “Brénan-al-Saél”. Once your fee has been received, you will be issued a ticket number which will give you access to the convention schedule for setting up an event, or signing up to play in a game.

The weekend will begin Friday evening at 6PM with a Meet and Greet gathering to get to know each other (and eat some fine sushi). Following that, there will be seven 4-hour game slots:

Friday 7-11PM
Saturday 9AM-1PM, 2-6PM, 7-11PM*
Sunday 9AM-1PM, 2-6PM, 7-11PM

* The Saturday evening slot is reserved for a special event involving the entire group.

Hope to see you there!

Brian McNeilly

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Saturday evening event at HârnCon

I would like to get some feedback about the type of event we will run during the Saturday evening slot at HârnCon. This slot is typically reserved for a group event, recreating a significant event from Hârnic history.

At HârnCon I, JPM and Kerry (and others I'm sure) ran the Kaldoric Succession Council.

Any ideas about what would be fun to do this year?


Fástred's picture


What about HârnHug?

Or a repeat of King's Peace?

Fástred na Beréma,
Rówanti na Sávè-k’nôr

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I'd contact JPM about this.

I'd contact JPM about this. He's usually the force behind the "big event". I'd recommend we NOT do the King's Peace or the KSC as we've done each multiple times already. Patrick may have a version 2 of Mangai Mahem and that would work.

While I'm not volunteering to do any of the work :) , I think a scenario where we take on the roles of gargun could be fun :)

Fástred's picture

Kings' Peace? more than once? when?

Besides - I've never done *either*...


Fástred na Beréma,
Rówanti na Sávè-k’nôr

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King's Peace

HarnCon I (Vancouver BC) - Kaldoric Succession Crises
HarnCon II (Plymouth MA) - Kaldoric Succession Crises and The King's Peace
HarnCon III (Belleville ON) - I forget the name but it was a Thardic Senate Session
HarnCon IV (Fredericksburg VA) - The King's Peace
HarnCon V (Leeds UK) - Mangai Mahem.
HarnCon VI (Vancouver BC) - ?????????

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Kings Peace Instances

First time:

HârnCon II, Plymouth, Mass.

Second time:

HârnCon IV, Fredericksburgh, Va.

Edit: D'oh - beaten by 37 seconds! ;-)

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Gargun Scenario

Having a scenario where everyone plays gargun could be a lot of fun. I'm not so sure that this would work for the entire group on Saturday evening, as it might get a bit chaotic. One of my local players (who will be at HarnCon) runs Warhammer fantasy scenarios at local conventions, and he has run games with parties of orcs, skaven, etc. There is plenty of fun to be had when the group has limited morality. ;)

As I mentioned before, I am planning to run a scenario using the characters from Bifyrd and Feron manors, leading into a miniatures scenario depicting a rather large battle - a gargun swarm was what I had in mind.

Perhaps I'll add a second roleplaying scenario where the players are all gargun, leading up to the swarm. Then the miniatures event would depict the battle between the two sides, and the players can pick whichever side they want to play for the battle.

The miniatures event will be two sided, but each side will have a number of "squads" controlled by individual players to get as many players as possible involved.

Thanks for the ideas! (But this doesn't solve the Saturday evening issue though) :)

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Saturday Night Special

We have a winner for the Saturday evening event ... Kerry Mould is preparing a Succession Council LARP with all of the associated handouts and player resources. A new take on something we have tried before.

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