A question about languages.

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I joined the Harnform a little while ago, and have been working on fanon covering Trierzon. More accurately, I have been going over the County of Tamanias which is itself based on the fanon article covering Trierzon as a whole. I have had a major problem, and this has extended into the various times I GM-ed; language.

I do not understand at all how the languages and naming system in all of HarnWorld work. I am assuming that Welsh heavily influences Harnic/Pharic. But other then that I am at a loss. I was wondering, and considering how well Harn has been put together, if you could shed some light on at least how nouns are formed in Harnic and Trierzi. Or, even better, if you have more information about the languages then that I would be much obliged. All together I have thoroughly enjoyed the level of detail in Harn and find it quite exciting to play and run, and thank you for creating this intricate little world.


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Robin's fairly keen on the languages and he'd be the best to address this for you, unfortunately he's unavailable just now.

Not ignoring you, just don't have an answer for you. :)



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I pray its nothing to do with that damnable cancer and that he is doing all right.

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