HârnMaster Gold: Gamemaster Edition

Price: $25.00

By N. Robin Crossby
PDF document
111 pages (illustrated)

The GameMaster Edition of HârnMaster Gold provides guidelines and rules to enable Gamemasters to run high quality role-playing games.

It includes extensive sections on:

  • Game Mechanics - 8 pages including: Gametime, covering hours of light and darkness, measures of duration, months of the year; Routines of Play, covering environment, timeticks, weather generation, encounter generation, movement, and components of a weather report; Maps and Mapping, covering regional maps, local maps, interior plans and poetic maps; Campaign Time, covering personal gametime, time charts, journals; Movement, including movement tables and transportation.
  • Cases - activities or cases often encountered by GMs, including: Searching, how to manage PC searches; Listening, how to manage PC listening; Brute Force and Ignorance, dealing with problems 'directly'; Antipathetic Reaction,dealing with events against a character's nature; and Attunement, using special and magical items.
  • Character Development - 16 pages of expanded rules for developing characters, including: Family, covers family trees, multiple births, parents, relatives, estrangement, bastardy and much more; Medical, covering a range of medical conditions; Psyche, covering psychological flaws; Procreation, including fertility, conception, pregnancy, birth, raising children; Heredity, including inherited attributes; Experience character generation, Aging, and Death, as part of the story.
  • Reality - 18 pages, with a detailed overview of the nature of reality in the world of Hârn, including: Creation, the libram of the Pantheon, the Natal Wars, the Concordat and so forth; The Kéthiran family of worlds; Parallel Worlds, including inter-world travel; Ethereal Planes, including planar perception, and features of the ethereal plane; Ethereal beings, including ethereal attributes and ethereal possession.
  • Mental Conflict - rules for dealing with mental conflict / combat.
  • Psionic Talents - 12 pages, including rules for generating talents, major and minor; - developmental stages, using talents, fatigue etc; and descriptions of talents, from charm to transmutation.
  • Adventure - including types of adventures, designing an adventure, and a complete random adventure generation system - 14 pages.
  • Encounters - rules and guidelines for handling encounters, including many encounter tables - 4 pages.
  • Treasure - including personal possessions, potions and elixirs, gems and jewellery, written works, armour, weapons, and artefacts - 28 pages.

Player and Gamemaster Editions

Together with version 2.1 of the Player Edition of HârnMaster Gold, the GM Edition gives Gamemasters what is needed to run a game that doesn't flies in the face of reason and actually works the way it is meant to work.

This PDF edition has a fully interactive set of bookmarks. Just click on a bookmark and you're there. There are also plenty of cross-links in the text to help you find what you need quickly.

It is also completely printable, if you prefer the feel of a rulebook at your gaming table.

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