HarnMaster Gold Character Portfolio System

The following is a HarnMaster Gold Character Portfolio system designed to help folks keep track of character data. The BASE file contains the six pages that are most often needed. Additional pieces of the portfolio can be downloaded and added to the character's notebook as desired.

Hope you like it.


HMG-Portfolio-Base maps.

HMG-Portfolio-Base.pdf561.59 KB
HMG-Family-Profile.pdf240.09 KB
HMG-Steed-Profile.pdf237.58 KB
HMG-Shek-Pvar-Profile.pdf175.69 KB
HMG-Contacts-Profile.pdf120.64 KB
HMG-Household-Profile.pdf226.32 KB
HMG-Item-Armour-Profile.pdf118.72 KB
HMG-Item-Artefact-Profile.pdf108.01 KB
HMG-Item-Gem-Profile.pdf135.08 KB
HMG-Item-Potion-Profile.pdf114.76 KB
HMG-Item-Weapon-Profile.pdf118.86 KB
HMG-Item-WrittenWorks.pdf114.81 KB
HMG-Spell-Profile(Common).pdf345.61 KB
HMG-Spell-Profile(Fyvria).pdf236.23 KB
HMG-Spell-Profile(Jmorvi).pdf288.7 KB
HMG-Spell-Profile(Lyahvi).pdf236.15 KB
HMG-Spell-Profile(Neutral).pdf283.64 KB
HMG-Spell-Profile(Odivshe).pdf236.33 KB
HMG-Spell-Profile(Peleahn).pdf288.17 KB
HMG-Spell-Profile(Savorya).pdf235.22 KB
HMG-Vessel-Profile.pdf219.89 KB

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