Dalkesh - The Undiscovered Country?

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Is there any official module or other source of information on Dalkesh?

So far I have only found very sketchy mini-articles in the publications I own, but not enough to use it as a setting for a campaign...

From what I could gather it seems that Dalkesh is some sort of "Late Antiquity/Byzantine/Early Muslim Caliphate"-style empire, but again, I lack any sort of official support for my ideas.

Any help or pointing me in the direction of official source material would be greatly appreciated! :)

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The new Super Regional module Venarive, which we hope to publish this year, will contain much more information about Dalkesh and that part of the world.

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Perfect, and thanks a lot

Perfect, and thanks a lot for the quick answer! I'm really looking forward to the Venarive-module and the added scope of Kethira it offers.
This is going into my cart the second it becomes available! :)

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Venarive Module

Sierra Vista/Ft. Huachuca, AZ USA

Yes, It seems to have been a long time in coming. I don't doubt the complexity of getting it together and out, either.

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Dalkesh = Egypt

If Azeryan is Rome and so forth, I always associated Dalkesh with pre-Alexander Egypt.

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Dalkesh > Egypt

That could be true, if I didn't always associate Dalkesh with the Navehan pontificate. ;-)

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Azeryan /= Rome; Dalkesh /= Egypt

While there are some elements of similarity, it is dangerous to make direct comparisons...

Each of the Venarian realms is its own entity, with its own internal and external history.

The Târgan Empire probably had more to do with "Egypt"; remember, this is a medieval world, not an "ancient" one....


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Dalkesh is not Egypt

Dalkesh sits on a Major Trade Hub, East to West and North to South it would be a hive of activity and full of merchants ,agents ,mercenaries and scholars.The Rulers of such a seething hotpot would be understandably Paranoid and controlling, they would have spies everywhere .What they do not have is a unifying religion nor a powerful Theocratic priesthood that one associates with ancient Egypt or the Muslim Caliphate.Yes they have the church of Naveh but this worship would be limited to the ruling types like administrators and the royalty.Just because the church of Naveh is openly worshipped is not to say that the other church's are not there and seeking Influence.
It is understandable that the Ruler's of Dalkesh would support a church that could infiltrate the other's to warn of plots and such.


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Dalkesh vs. Targan vs. Egypt

I checked Kethira 2.0. I guess ancient Egypt is more similar to the predecessor kingdom, the Targan Empire:

The Empire is a caste-based, slave-keeping, highly centralised polity with theocratic overtones and a profound disdain for foreigners. These attitudes are manifested by frequent, and remarkably brutal punitive expeditions into surrounding lands. Fully a quarter of the population of the Empire consists of ‘foreign’ slaves.

Still, Dalkesh's existence as a river-centered, ancient culture located at the southeast corner of the Kethiran Meditteranean Sea is a bit suspiciously similar to Egypt's location on Earth.

To me, there are clearly European, African, Asian and Mesoamerican cultures on Kethira.

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All of that and more :)


All of this and more :)


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Dalkesh vs. Targan vs. Egypt = Ottoman Empire

I've always thought Dalkesh looked a bit too much like Egypt. So, when I developed Dalkesh characters & back stories, I went with the Ottoman Empire.

As our friend above says: "a caste-based, slave-keeping, highly centralised polity with theocratic overtones and a profound disdain for foreigners."


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Ottomans and Persians ... both good source material

Yes - I'd say both the Ottomans and the Persians are good source material for Dalkesh.

The key, however, is to always remember - HârnWorld / Kèthîra / Lýthia / Venârive are not Terra / Eurasia / Europe....

Using Terran examples as inspiration is great - using them as a straight-jacket or transplanting them completely, is less likely to be useful.



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I see Dalkesh as something more similar to Mamluk Egypt of the Middle Ages.

The Targan Genocide was done by a people who have some Ketari roots IIRC, meaning a nomadic Horse people, similar to the Turkish Horse People who took control of Egypt during Mamluk times.

The Mamluks also had a lot of slavery in their society IIRC. Mamluks themselves were slaves (though of high status) prior to setting up their own Dynasty.

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Dalkesh is Stygia :)

As in Hyborian Stygia. Sortof Egyptian, creepy cult associated with the ruling class, slaving, riverine, decadent, built on the bones of an older, greater civ (in Stygia's case, Acheron and the Serpent People). It's what I thought of anyway, when I first read about it.

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