Know your Àzeryáni Emperors...

The Empire of Ázeryàn is hugely significant in northwestern Lýthia (Venârivè), culturally, historically and politically. At its height, around 250 years ago, the Empire dominated the region, stretching from the borders of Emélrenè to the eastern shore of the Venârian sea. Even today, where it has shrunk to the Ázeryàn Peninsula, it is still by far the largest and most powerful realm in the region.

For this reason, quite a number of Àzeryáni Emperors are well known far beyond the borders of the Empire. Some of the most famous (or infamous) include:

  • Môrdovanes the Great - the first Emperor (TR221-251). Archetypal great ruler for many across the region, he led the innovative new legions to conquer all of the Ázeryàn Peninsula, uniting the squabbling Azéri peoples in the wake of the long Azéri wars.
  • Bârendánis II - 7th Emperor (TR285-303). Launched the conquest of Zonâra (now Tríerzòn). Concluded the Peace of Beréma with Emélrenè.
  • Xériates I - 9th Emperor (TR307-329). Granted an Empire-wide charter to the organisation of guilds known as the Mángai.
  • Mithrýnas III, the Lawgiver - 16th Emperor (TR402-441). Responsible for the Mithrýnas Code, a compilation of the laws of the Empire, emulated by many across the region.
  • Zákarlendis - 26th Emperor (TR462-475). Emperor at the apogee; granted 'independence' to the Governate of Býria under the leadership of his sister, the famous general Árkalenda. (Legends that suggest Býria was founded by a member of the Emperor's harem are considered fanciful by those with any historical knowledge).
  • Bârendánis IV, the Mad - 28th Emperor (TR488-497). Held responsible (as a result of his erratic edicts and appointments) for the failure of the experiment in Tríerzi autonomy known as the "Western Protectorate", which led to the loss of Tríerzòn and the further loss of territories that followed.
  • Herémzator V - 43rd Emperor (TR653-655). Killed at the famous Battle of Hambârkas where the Reksýni horde humbled the Àzeryáni legions in Góthmîr.
  • Ázenbâredan I - 44th Emperor (TR655-659). Killed during the Dálken conquest of Hepénolis. The loss of two successive rulers in battle hastened the trend towards the isolation and ceremonial status of the emperor.
  • Vîrliamydes IV - 50th Emperor (TR709-). Vîrliamydes chaffes against the restrictions placed upon him by the complex rules and rituals of the Imperial Court. His actual authority is considerably circumscribed.

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