Chéler Player Guide (Free)

Chéler Player Guide Keléstia Productions is very pleased to announce the release of the first of our free Player Guides - the Chéler Player Guide.

This Guide will assist players (and Gamemasters) new to the Chéler people gain an overview of the kingdom, its major city and the people who live there. It provides an introduction to the culture, history, politics and geography of the kingdom and its surroundings, making players more at home and able to enjoy this fascinating setting.

This guide is the perfect accompaniment to the Keléstia Productions series of publications covering Chélemby - including Kingdom of Chélemby, Chélemby: City of the Sea Kings, and the Chélemby Interactive Map.

The Chéler Player Guide can be downloaded here:

Hávnhus Interactive PDF map
Today we have also released another interactive, multi-layered PDF map for Chélemby City. This is a high-quality version of the Hávnhus (I34) map included in Chélemby: City of the Sea Kings. This multi-layered map will enable GMs to decide what information they wish to share with players, and enable them to print out those features they wish. The Hávnhus interactive map can be found here.

Other free Chélemby downloads
We have a growing number of free downloads design to support GMs and players using the Chélemby setting. Downloads include a PDF version of the poetic map of Chélemby City, PDF versions of the interior layouts, and more. These can be be found on the Chélemby Downloads page.

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Cheler player guide

Thanks! This was a nice addition. Makes me almost want and try GM:ing some maritime campaign where characters would hail from Chelemby and possibly shipwreck or otherwise eventually end up in some backwater, like Harn...

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