Feudal system on Harn

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Hi Folks,

Something I have been wondering about lately is how the feudal system works on Harn.
Theoretically it is a chain of delegations;
The King owns the land (theoretically) and lends parts of it to earls, who in turn lends it to barons, who in turn lends it to lords (with a manorhouse). The last object in this chain is the village (as I have uderstood it). Questions:

1. Does this mean that every village has a lord/manorhouse in the village?
2. Who rules a village typically?
3. What is the relatiohip between a keep and a manor?

I would be grateful for answers.


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Feudal System

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Each village belongs to a group of villages under one manor. The local lord probably lives in the central and larger village which is the local market town.

The village normally has 2 or 3 leaders appointed by the local lord, such as the Beadle and the Reeve, who handle the day to day operations and report to the lord as needed, but likely not less than once a week.

A keep is a fortified building smaller than a castle. It may be part of a manor house or a castle, as normally only a very rich man could build a castle all at once. Much more typical is to build a Manor House,then fortify it, then build a Keep, then walls about the whole (stables, yard,Shops,kitchen et al), then a gate house and other structures, slowly adding to the holdings until they become considered a castle. Many times existing buildings were added to with upper stories or new wings. Note that you normally required permission from your feudal lords to build a castle, and probably a Keep.

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