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Back in 1996 or thereabouts, Robin developed and published a set of rules for a Tarot deck as well as a description of each of the 72 cards. As far as I know it is no longer available for purchase. I leant my copy to an artist friend to do the art work. Not interested in the rules but only in the card description, he set the rules aside, Tarot 1 through Tarot 8, and has misplaced them. Now that I have a deck I would really like to see the rules Robin wrote. Does anyone have the first 8 pages?

Lawrence Bryan
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I got a response from Istvan via my contact information. I have tried for about 10 minutes to reply to him via contact information but I have not been able to figure out how to do that. Perhaps someone can tell me how I can go about contacting him via this site.

Thank you.


Lawrence Bryan
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problem solved

Apparently istvan has no contact information on file here, so I cannot contact him. I hope he reads this and adds contact information to his account as he has exactly what I need.


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personal settings in profile

Hi Lawrence,

i fixed the problem as I informed you by pm. I was surprised that disabling mail-informations works in this manner. My intention was to disable visibilty of my e-mail-adress, not to cut off members from mails via the server. Now it should work.

By the way - now we are with this in public - I asked you, if there is a way to get pictures of your artist into the community. Feel free to answer this suggestion here...

Robins tarot deck is quite a nice piece of background and offers many adventurehooks and plottwists if used properly. In our group there were many situations where the tarot reading surprised all of us and added some mysticism to the story. I would welcome any release of this addon preferably WITH pictures of the deck.

A friend of mine is artist too and wanted to draw a deck, but she is very busy and I fear it will take long time for a project like this (72 Cards!!!). My own attempts to draw them showed that I will need a century to do the job.

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