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Wow. Been awhile since anyone was checking in on Harn, but this is the forum for the question, so here goes.

I have a complete set of the older Harnic Kingdom modules from the '80's. Has any of this material been expanded, updated, or corrected in the last few years?

I can certainly understand the new horizons being explored on this site and I look forward to digging about in them, but I'd like to see if any of the old stuff is being attended to as well.


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Hi We are currently nearing


We are currently nearing completion of Venârivè, which covers all of NW Lythia in quite a bit more detail than has ever been done before. This will include some new insights on the place of Hârn in the wider world.

We have issued Robin's 'updated' map of Hârn - what many see as his 'masterwork'. See the "Hârn Interactive Regional Map".

Hope this helps.



Fástred na Beréma,
Rowánti na Sávè-k’nôr

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