New product release this weekend....

Just thought some people might be interested to know we are releasing a new product this weekend.

I wonder what it could be...



rbs's picture

I feel warm

An imminent product is emanating!?

horus's picture

Yes! I'm most eager to see it

Yes! I'm most eager to see it :-D

DaveDance's picture

I'm enthused beyond the capacity for rational thought

I've been vondering ven the next product might arive. And of course vot it might be.

TimothyTeigen's picture

New Product release this weeken

Could it be the 4th surprise installment in the Fanon series? Just wonderin'. Does this mean I can stop holding my breath? I'm in a quandary now. I was supposed to go camping this weekend, where I wouldn't have internet/computer access. I may stay home.

Kindest Regards,


GronkGroks's picture

Could it be ... Venarive?????

The chum is in the water...Cue "Jaws" soundtrack.

Peter's picture


The Venarive product is released!!!

Puster's picture

Just skimming so far

Just skimming Venarive - the problem with Kelestia is that you already expect top quality modules, so I am not surprised. It has been a long haul since the old Harnworld module...
I am looking forward to delving deeper into it.

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