Ekedon in Hurisea

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Jeremy (or whomever else),

Looking in the Shorkyne module, Ekedon is described as a keep. Is this accurate? What is it supposed to be? I know Beldira is a walled town, I envision it as a sort of goroda. Are these other Hurisean princedoms also along goroda lines or are they more like a stronghold or fortified manor that dominates the neighboring villages and farmsteads for a certain radius?

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It is a fortified settlement ... aka a keep :)


Ekedon is indeed a "keep", in that it is a fortified settlement. Its design may not be exactly the same as those in say Shôrkýnè, but its important to remember that Huriséa is not terribly isolated from Shôrkýnè (which is 'just down the road'). The Huriséan dialect of Quârph is also close to Shôrka. All in all, the influence of Shôrka military and constuction technology will have been significant.

Hope this helps.


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Hurisea . . .

Of all the many unpublished areas in Western Lythia, I think Hurisea fascinates me the most. If you have something working there (and can post without spoiling it for your players), I'd love to hear the details to see how others envision the interactions of the various factions.

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We agree, Huriséa is fascinating, and provides great opportunities for gaming.

We have done some work on developing this area, but if anyone is interesting in assisting with further development, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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