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Jeremy et al,

Great work on the map! Love it. And my inner map-geek wants you to add a layer for manor/valarden boundaries. :D

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Manor / valârden boundaries

These will be provided in the Atlas scale maps - these maps are just too large a scale to handle that level of detail. As it is, we included a huge amount more detail than the previous regional maps - by including key secondary settlements, key religious settlements, major mines as well as all the baronial / thranaal boundaries...

We had to stop somewhere, or it would never had been published :)



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Any other comments?

What works for you?

What could be improved?

What use is this being / going to be put to?

Let us know :)


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What use, what use?

The map is hi-res enough that it's still useful to chip out a specified area for scenesetter maps or the like. I just happen to like maps for their own sake and beauty. But this one, because of the layering and the resolution practically creates story seeds by the relationships it reveals.

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