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What do the Roman numerals next to the weapons on the weapon chart (HMG Player Edition - Weapon Data Table) mean? I noticed that in the Excel Spreadsheet provided with the HMG character profile, you can pick weapons with different types. Can someone point me to the explanation of these numerals in the HMG rules?

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Weapon Weight (WT)


The Roman numerals are used to differentiate the weight of weapons of a given type. You will noticed that the Roman numerals generally relate to the Weight (WT) in pounds of the given weapon.

For bows/crossbows, this Roman numeral is replaced by a number which indicates the draw weight, or pull, rated in pounds.

This is set out on the last page of the Weapon Data Table.

Hope this helps.


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Weapon Weight

Thank you for the explanation.

"This is set out on the last page of the Weapon Data Table."

The Roman numerals appear on the last page of the Weapon Data Table. I can find no definition of what they mean. There might be an opportunity to improve clarity.

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yup! :)

yup! :)

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