Márden's Tale

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What do we think?

What are the good points, what could be improved?



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no complaints really

I know that, while it's a nice things to say it's not particularly helpful.

That being said, the story is good on its own merit as a story. It conveys some basic cultural information about Shorkyne "in-game" which works better than trying to explain who fits where and what things are called. (As a student of foreign languages, it's one thing to try and memorize vocab, but until you see it in use and use it yourself, it's rather abstract). So I feel like the story is a useful tool to increase pc's understanding of the system as well.

Now, I like a map. The chipped-out mini-maps along with the stories are quite helpful for locational context. But, they could be larger. I know it's high maintenance, but blowing them up a bit would help. Zooming out, also, could help. This latest tale, for instance, described a journey but only the destination was listed on the map. Now, you know darn well that I own the new digital map and could bloody well look it up on my personal copy. But that's not the point. Another reader might not have the map (the new one OR the old one.

The way I see it is the stories can be used to:
- Set the tone for some KP products
- Entertain Harniac grognards
- teach players and newbies about how Shorkyne works
- serve as adverts that promote Harnworld while entertaining the previously uninitiated

So, since half of those reasons are educating and informing, make the maps more so. The tales are somewhat of a gazeteer of Shorkyne, so blow up and zoom in. Provide some arrows and lines to mark paths travelled. Maybe even throw in some call-out boxes to say "somewhereston, held by baron so-and-so."

Just my 2d.

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Thanks for that :)

No really. I think when we end up doing a PDF version (which we will), I will take those ideas and run with them :)


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I think Harn needs more of

I think Harn needs more of this kind of thing. The details (maps, combat system, history) make Harn seem "real", so using those details to tell stories helps make Harn more accessible. It provides ideas for how those details flow together.

The danger is that these stories may not be "official".

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These are 'official'

These stories are as 'official' as anything else Keléstia Productions releases. And by that I mean they are consistent with our other products, and future products will be consistent with them.

This doesn't mean, of course, that Gamemasters *have* to use this material, nor any other aspect of our publications, for that matter - Gamemasters should *always* feel free to adapt and change the tools we provide them. But they, and their players, can rest assured that these stories won't be contradicted by anything *we* release.



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Official Material

Of course. I did not mean to confuse the issue and I appreciate the painstaking effort it takes to ensure the consistency of locations, names, historical references etc. in material produced by Kelestia.

My point was simply that if others (non-Kelestia approved individuals) started to produce narratives describing places or events on Harn, they might not be considered as "official". And that fact alone might discourage others from making that attempt.

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But it's been so done...

The best part about KP, in my opinion, is the focus on the Lythian Elsewhere. I'm frankly sick of the Kaldoric Succession Crisis or the Tcho-Tcho Rebellion Part Deux. Shorkyne, Harbaal, Ivinia and Hurisea (and everywhere else) are ripe and open. Almost nothing there has been written so whatever gets written about it can potentially become canon. Assuming enough people go for it. That's pretty much been the way even with Harnic "fanon" where eventually those who were producing the fanon are now expanding the canon. We can only make sacrifices to Odin and hope that eventually things don't spiral out into Expanded Universe weirdness ala Star Wars, but I think we're far from having that problem.

If enough of us collaborate and create, a body of non-Harnic work will soon exist to rival what's been written about Harn over the past 30 years.

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