Kvarfent, et al

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There are three location on the eastern edge of the Shorkyne map in Quarphor near the confluence of the Orly and the Tirga rivers(O4/O5). Kvarfent is a small walled town (pop. 2100) controlled by a minor Quarph prince (Ivinian descent?). Kyrvana is a keep that does not appear to be part of the principality of Kvarfent. The third location is Korgakor, an Agrikan religious site within the boundaries of Kyrvana.

1) Does Kyrvana support Kvarfent as a minor settlement in the shadow of a larger neighbor might be expected to or does she compete?

2) What is the approximate total population for Kyrvana (Kverfent is 6000)? What is the approximate population of the main settlement (Kvarfent is 2100)?

3) What is the nature of the Agrikan religious site at Korgakor? A shrine near one of the 888 cairns? An educational retreat? A holding for a religious or fighting order?

Many thanks for any input!

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These areas have (obviously) not yet been fully detailed, but here is what I can tell you:

0) The Prince of Kvârfent is Quârphic, but may, as you have suggested, have Ivínian ancestry (his clan name is 'Pósaren'), but it is likely that even if he has such ancestry, he and his clan are 'Quârphic' in culture, although they are likely bilingual in any case (Trade Ivínian being the lingua-franca of most of the region).

1) Kyrvâna is most likely one of the "smaller settlements" that provide tribute to the Prince of Kvârfent, as indicated in the description of Quârphor in Venârivè: Northwestern Lýthia (page 149). While Kyrvâna pays tribute to Kvârfent, the relationship won't be a simple one - it will also seek to compete. All the Quâphic mini-states are always looking for advantage.

2) the Kyrvâna 'principality' is one of the "minor states" indicated in the Venârivè: Northwestern Lýthia (page 150). The total population of these 'mini-states' is 130,000 spread across 22 states (see the "VenariveTables_100.xls", on the "Realms" tab, as well as Page 150. On *average* these mini-states will have a population of around 6,000; Kyrvâna is slightly smaller than average. The 'main settlement' will not have more than 500 inhabitants.

3) the symbol of Kôrgakor indicates it is a shrine rather than a religious 'settlement'. This suggests that your guess regarding 'cairn shrine' could be correct. It also suggests that principality of Kyrvâna *may* have an Àgríkan ruler.

Hope this helps. More detail will have to wait for further development of Huriséa and Quârphor.



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I didn't read the description of the minor settlements carefully enough. I also didn't catch the distinction between a religious shrine and a religious settlement. I will confess that on first pass, Venarive seemed to paint the region with very broad brushstrokes. However, as I delve more deeply into it, I'm beginning to realize just how much detail you managed to pack in there . . . :-)

I have some interesting ideas for Korgakor. I may send them your way just for giggles once I have them in better form.

As always, your assistance is deeply appreciated.