Hârnic Tarot

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N. Robin Crossby's "Hârnic Tarot" is a set of rules for the Hârnic Tarot deck.

First released in 1996, and updated in 1999, this is a PDF version of the 1999 edition.

Like the previous editions, this PDF edition does not include a set of illustrated Tarot Cards; this may be remedied at a future date.

While it does not include illustrated versions of the cards, it does include 'simplified' versions of the 72 cards of the Minor and Major Arcana in the deck with the following information:

- Key: which identifies the Card (e.g. 'Minor IIl')
- Name: the common names of the cards in the Génin Deck (e.g. "Page of Pentacles")
- Description: a brief description of the card.
- Divinitory meaning: the usual interpretation of the card when drawn.
- Associations: the elements, convocations, sunsigns, seasons and deities etc with which the card is associated.
- Reversed: the divinitory meaning when the card is dealt upside down.

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