Lédenheim: Clans & Folk

Lédenheim CoverKeléstia Productions is pleased to announce the publication of Lédenheim: Clans & Folk, a HârnWorld roleplaying background source module.

Lédenheim: Clans & Folk is a supplement designed for use with Hârbáaler Kingdom of Lédenheim, a publication sold separately by Keléstia Productions Ltd.

This fifty-page module includes descriptions of the forty-four great clans of the kingdom plus seven other prominent clans. Profiles are also given of forty-eight important and interesting folk, including all members of the royal family and of the royal council plus other military leaders, ship captains, tribesmen, foreign emissaries, priests, mystics, entertainers, spies and thieves.

Gamemasters will find this publication an invaluable resource for scenario ideas and plot details for adventures set in the kingdom of Lédenheim, in the neighbouring Hârbáaler kingdoms or Huriséan wilderness, or elsewhere around the Gulf of Shôrkýnè.

Lédenheim: Clans & Folk is available for purchase here.


A preview of Lédenheim: Clans and Folk is available for download here.

Jack's picture

What a good read! Just a

What a good read!

Just a note:

Page 33, description of Mel Gronaur, end of first paragraph cuts off.

Will update if I find more...

rbs's picture


Thanks. The proofreader has been chastised and been warned not to let it happen again.

The ", but" can be lopped off and the parenthetical statement closed.

Jack's picture

The proofreader probably got

The proofreader probably got lost in the awesomeness of the content. I only brought it up because I was hoping to squeeze another sentence or two of information out of KP . . . :-(

rbs's picture


Thanks for your kind words. It's more likely though that after seeing yet another draft of the publication, the proofreader's eyes were beginning to glaze over and he couldn't see the error (introduced during a late edit) through the milky white fog.

rbs's picture

Any more?

So other than the big typo that Jack spotted, has anyone else run across any problems?

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