Atlas Keléstia - SHKN F7 & E7 (Hélegat & Tróldblist)

Keléstia Productions have published the sixth and seventh issues of Atlas Keléstia. Combined they describe map squares SHKN-F7 (Hélegat) and E7 (Tróldblist), an area including all of the island of Hélegat in the Gulf of Shôrkýnè.

To learn more about Atlas Keléstia SHKN-F7 and E7 and to make a purchase, go to:

The Atlas Keléstia index can be viewed at:

Coming next in the eighth issue of Atlas Keléstia will be SHKN-I5 (Zýna).

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well done

Once again a top shelf quality product.

I found Helegat particularly interesting and will no doubt use links in the future.

The maps are brilliant and very useful. Rather than using the full venarive map (which although excellent, is a little cumbersome to use for local area gaming), you just select the appropriate map square and away you go. I admit I was a little skeptical when I initially heard the idea of these maps, but it has proven to be extremely easy to use.

I really like the settlement listings which give some interesting ideas and hooks.

I am really looking forward to more squares in the region.

Well done to the KP team.

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