Injuries to Gulmora

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In the entry on Gulmora, it says that "All injuries are converted to
fatigue. When the gùlmôra’s fatigue exceeds its
endurance, it suffers dissolution.". This begs two questions...

Most importantly, does it really mean ENDURANCE? I'd have thought CONDITION.

Secondly, does a Gulmora suffer from the fatigue penalty?

I have nasty feeling I'm treading on a well-worn path here, but hey-ho.

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Gulmora issues

Since noone else has replied let me give it a try.
First off you must have a very old copy of the Harnmaster Gold Bestiary as mine does say Condition is the determiner and not Endurance. So yes it is Condition based.
As for the fatigue issue, yes they would acquire a penalty for fatigue as for ethereals per Harnmaster Gold GM Editon on page Reality 14.
Hope this helps.

Edited for spelling.

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Dave, As Tempest13 suggests, there may have been an update in the language. The HMG Bestiary I have on disk, which dates back to November 2004, says endurance in that paragraph rather than condition. My copy says in the page footers that it's version 2.1 so you might check the page footer of your copy and see if it's version 2(.0). If it is, contact Jeremy to see about obtaining an update.

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With regard to your second

With regard to your second question, I do not believe Gulmora suffer from Shock or Fatigue. The undead do not grow tired.

In part my ideas about this concept are left over from the HM3 Undead Article, which states (on Morvrin 2): "Morvrin do not suffer injuries the same way as mortal creatures do. They are immune to shock rolls caused by physical trauma, and do not accrue Fatigue."

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Gulmra and fatigue

Yes, the 2 versons are contrdictory, but it states quite plainly in the Harnmaster Gold Bestiary under Gulmora:

When a Gulmora is slain (accumulates fatigue in excess of its Condition) its body shrivels, dissolves to powder, is blown away, etc....

So since this was a question in regard to the Gold rules my original stance still applies.

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Guls and Fatigue

So in HMG, the thought is that that wounds to the body of the Gul reduce the Shadow's ability to control/possess it. As the body of the Gul is hacked on, the damage gradually disrupts the Shadow's control (or its influence or ability to use the body as a gateway). This disruption manifests as Fatigue. When the body is too damaged (Fatigue exceeds Condition) the Shadow loses its hold entirely and body turns to dust. Does that sound right?

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Gulmora get tired

Well in a sense yes. All true ethereal creatures are immune to non-magic physical damage, and just take fatigue damage even from magical attacks. Exceed their condition and the suffer dissolution. This is a temporary process, and they reform within a few days, but could have drifted elsewhere in relation to where they were vanquished. A corporeal creature such as a gulmora which ignores specific damage effects works in a similar way. The main difference being their link to Bukrai limits where they return to form at, as well as the very fact that they can return to form.

This is all info from the Harnmaster Gold GM guide. The main difference between these rules and Harnmaster Core and 3rd Edition,is that Robin actually included very detailed rules on Ethereals in the main body of the work. Alot of the same rules exist in the Core Rules, but they are spread out over the main book, Hanrmaster Magic, Harnmaster Religion, and even a bit in Harnmaster Barbarians, rather then detailed as a universal part of the system. Even so the Reality article in Harnmaster Gold GM guide is almost worth the price by itself.

I hope that clarifies the situation.

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So are Guls in HMG truly ethereal? Or are they a combination of the Shadow (an hideous ethereal phenomenon) possessing a physical body?

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Gùlmôra vs Amôrvus

Gùlmôra are amôrvus that have lived out their thirteen half-lives and succumbed entirely to the Shadow. They have thus dissolved and reformed thirteen times...

With respect to the "body" of a gùlmôra HMG Bestiary states:

"When a gùlmôra is slain (accumlates fatigue in excess of its Condition) its body shrivels, dissolves to powder, is blown away on the wind and becomes ethereal. After at least thirteen hours, the body re-manifests in the court of Klýss, is reequipped and sent forth into the world".

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Guls and Fatigue

So perhaps a better way of looking at injuries to Guls in HMG would be that physical trauma to the body (corporeal manifestation) of the Gul cause it to become more difficult for the Shadow (the ethereal portion of the Gul) to maintain the physical body. This "difficulty" translates into Fatigue? Once the current manifestation of the body is damaged beyond the Shadow's ability to maintain it (or the link to it), the body and the Shadow both suffer dissolution? I do not think the dual nature of Gulmora or Amorvrin clearly defined by the rules. That may be deliberate, but it can lead to confusion.

Sorry to keep harping on this, but the nature of the Shadow in Harn and the differences between HM3 and HMG in the way they treat Morvrin and kind of a subject of interest to my gaming group. We have switched to investigating the HMG rules (after looking at HM3 for about 2 years).

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Actually I meant to state something similar, Severin, but that is what happens when I write replies when very tired. Yes the damage causes the body to be less controllable. Harnmaster Gold GM edition has a similar process for determining capabilities of animated corpses ala Animus of Nithri (Fyvria 'Zombie' spell). So yes the same thing happens with a physical body taking damage, a spirit loses fatigiue and finds it harder to stay active. Spirit's go through a similar process to Gulmorvrin except they became disolutted and reform later.
The advantage is that while there are different forms; physical, spirit, shadow; thay still use similar processes to quantify damage.

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