How do you like your neighbors?

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I was thinking about Clan Armedren and their growing conflict with Clan Risnen. Several things came to mind:

1) Just because Clan Armedren perceives Clan Risnen as a growing threat doesn't mean that Clan Risnen perceives Clan Armedren in an equally poor light. Clan Risnen may be in the dark, so to speak. Or just unconcerned.

2) Clan Armedren is probably pretty popular with most of the clans around Zyna. "Legal disputants near that freehold often forego the law
councils and instead ask Ujan to arbitrate."

3) Clan Risnen isn't without friends - "Rísnen do have support from other clans who do not believe or who do not care about the gossip." - but who are they?

This leads to another line of thought - every clan in Ledenheim has an opinion of every other clan. Those opinions would be a key part of organizing any intrigue-based campaign set in Ledenheim.

As a result, I've started an Excel spreadsheet that cross-indexes the forty-four valari with each other and assesses their opinions as red (hatred, feud, etc.), orange (dislike, caution, etc.), grey (neutral), light blue (friendly), dark blue(trusted).

(If you play EVE Online, then you'll recognize the color scheme.)

Unforunately, there are (44 x 43 =) 1,892 relationships to figure out (the vast majority of which will be grey) and only a few are mentioned in the Ledenheim documents. Clan Armedren is probably grey to every clan on the Radtryne, for example, but the clans of the Radtryne certainly have opinions about all of their neighbors.

So, if you have any thoughts or opinions about relationships, whether from your own version of Ledenheim or just from things you've read between the lines in the canon material, I'd love to see them posted here. Thanks in advance . . .

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sounds like a fun project :)

sounds like a fun project :)

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