How much for a valard?

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In Ledenheim (and in Chelemby, iirc) clans may buy and sell their land holdings. Obviously, the price for each would be highly negotiable based upon factors such as the age and productivity of the valard, how established and populated it is, how many natural resources it contains, and so on. However, there should still be a starting point for negotiations.

I was thinking that the "base" price of a valard might be ten years of gross revenues. I'm not suggesting that anyone pays that; I'm only suggesting that it's a theoretical starting point. (Seems fitting, since a tenth of revenue is owed as tribute.)

Does anyone have any thoughts, perhaps based upon their knowledge of real world history or NRC's unpublished work? Clan Hagert just bought Hagerthus in 711 and the younger members of Clan Durga want to sell Durgym to finance settlement in Hurisea. I can imagine all sorts of activities that PC's might be asked to perform to influence price, negotiations, etc. Not to mention that some group of PC's somewhere will want to try and buy a valard someday...

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Prices for Land and Capital

If you mean "Net Revenues", there, then I think that would be pretty close. What it's net *of*, exactly, might be negotiable - an overlord selling a manor and serfs might exclude the amount the serfs consume, since it is sort of "wages", but a Chelembian clan would include the incomes of all clansmen living on the Nalard since, presumably, they would have to move out (and would need to be compensated).

An interesting study of medieval monasteries found that they used a de-facto "discount rate" of around 10% in managing their estates. This results in an "assessed value" of 10 years of net income for anything that provides an indefinite income, so it's a handy (and easy) rule of thumb.

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