The Shorkyni Parliament

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I'm working on my pShorkyne and the exact composition of the parliament intrigues me. It's barely mentioned in Venarive and the only other piece of Shorkyne canon states, "As of 720, there are 235 members of Parliament. Rarely, however, do more than 150 actually attend."

What catches my eye is the reference to 235 members. While there are 235 esuaren in Shorkyne, no small number of them are held by elgari. In fact, there are only 123 members of Parliament - the 15 malniri who directly hold 127 esuaren and the 108 other esuari.

I can imagine a custom where the elgari also attend Parliament and vote as directed by their liege, but I can't see them being considered full members with the right to (for example) propose legislation and speak in debate. They would really be there to do no more than hold up their edari when it was time to "count the birds".

Another question is how many members must attend for Parliament to function. The custom of a quorum is fifty percent plus one unless otherwise stated (and it isn't). Therefore, 118 esuaren (not esuari or members!) would have to be present for a session of Parliament to commence. A simple majority carries any vote, so in theory, an act of Parliament could pass with as few as 60 votes. Alternately, if the 15 malniri attend, not one more esuari is required in order for there to be a quorum and the business of Parliament to be conducted (and the simple majority vote would be 64). That would significantly impact the political alliances information given in the canon material, and create obvious possibilities for intrigue. (If the Malnir of Someplace is delayed and does not arrive in time to vote, then the king's latest proposal might fail...)

So that's how I see it. I'd be interested in seeing what others think. Also, since I've compiled the list, I'm going to cut and paste the composition of Parliament into my next post in case anyone else might find it useful. :-)

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His Majesty, Tarpel Gerlens

His Majesty, Tarpel Gerlens al Dalame al Shorkyne; Telkor al Tharia; Malnir al Quareld, Kemol, and Montivel; Esuar al Quarelin, Anbrath, Bolede, Chegote, Chires, Kerola, Magratea, Medana, Misena, Montevel, Regona, Siden, Xeota, and Zhelet (14 direct votes and 8 vassal votes)

His Highness, Telkor Rumath al Pelanby al Alagon; Malnir al Meloda, Bodoe, and Pelodia; Esuar al Eshapel, Areshones, Bodara, Chansa, Chardel, Felkenby, Hamedar, Hesen, Imedeles, Jeloen, Karemus, Karthan, Lutana, Mekrelyn, Meshare, Midoris, Noraby, Seberon, Turen, Vankedon (20 direct votes and 25 vassal votes)

His Highness, Telkor Kordus al Tabin al Ensel; Malnir al Kitalin, Hidel, Istebina, and Nistone; Esuar al Enselet, Anurn, Delenes, Filsan, Gaveshones, Gilend, Harbraen, Heparon, Hiliro, Jandor, Kecharin, Lacheryn, Lesaren, Nure, Odirun, Parnith, Quarena, Rigenos, Tivara, Vandis, Wyra (21 direct votes and 22 vassal votes) (and 3 forts)

Her Highness, Telkora Estir al Medaro al Vadone; Malnira al Vadone and Elavona; Esuara al Vadone, Atoxis, Abeshres, Balaire, Chesomes, Feshimes, Girelet, Karme, Logines, Nevare, Rushe, Sisom, Tulon, and Zhentimes (14 direct votes and 10 vassal votes)

Her Highness, Telkora Siren al Bideles al Kolare; Malnira al Kolare and Chomu; Esuara al Kolare, Berech, Greneth, Hegynes, Hidesi, Kesino, Neln, Penina, and Teleged (9 direct votes and 6 vassal votes)

The Most Reverend Gatun al Isara, Lirrath al Shorkyne; Serekela al Netela; Malnir al Netela; Esuar al Netela and Sedyn (2 direct votes)

His Excellency, Malnir Amin al Gavarines al Aneola; Esuar al Eslon, Bekela, Gedeli, Mirate, and Montelea (5 direct votes and 6 vassal votes) (and 1 fort)

His Excellency, Malnir Aba al Misyr al Avan; Esuar al Telekur, Bedel, Chiden, Debelin, Kothume, and Shomes (6 direct votes and 3 vassal votes)

His Excellency, Malnir Anfla al Dasendis al Dumala; Esuar al Turesgal, Isheres, Poledin, and Teselus (4 direct votes and 4 vassal votes)

His Excellency, Malnir Ganis al Gorlume al Falimae; Esuar al Chures, Cerole, Dilvain, Fedonele, and Kamolin (5 direct votes and 1 vassal vote)

His Excellency, Malnir Emane al Hethara al Loala; Esuar al Holegore, Andrin, Geleo, Ostelones, Sonise, and Vesteth (6 direct votes and 2 vassal votes) (and 1 guildtown)

His Excellency, Malnir Tenesal al Suredara al Malpynia; Esuar al Eilyria, Balok, Norlay, and Sagora (4 direct votes and 5 vassal votes)

His Excellency, Malnir Medal al Odalin al Pilatha; Esuar al Thanrin, Kovis, and Lesyn (3 direct votes and 7 vassal votes)

Her Excellency, Malnira Bryna al Telthael al Sabinia; Esaura al Sabin, Ciduri, Delge, Hireshe, Horote, Mernal, and Pusinis (7 direct votes and 3 vassal votes) (and 2 forts)

His Excellency, Malnir Calam al Valdinoren al Shaplane; Esuar al Antiome, Asharyn, Beson, Haidigen, Hegelia, Jirone, and Wedel (7 direct votes and 6 vassal votes)


Note that the 6 forts and 1 guildtown (Trepura) are not esuaren, so the totals are 15 malniri (holding 127 direct votes) and 108 esuari.

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Good stuff Jack...

Your analysis is one reason the "235" figure wasn't repeated in Venârivè - its is clear that while there are 235 'èsuâren', there are by no means that many èsuâri.

Thanks for the listing - i'm sure people will find it useful.

Fastred. Fē

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Thanks. That definitely feeds

Thanks. That definitely feeds into my view of Shorkyne with internecine warfare on a low scale. Raiding and feuds amongst the various lords that Parliament likely ignores unless it gets too out of control.

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