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Hello friends. One of my players has successfully come into a citrus plantation in Korlua. He is, of course, a Harnian, and an adventurer, and this explains the entirety of his good fortune. In this light his most unfortunate Gamemaster needed to prepare an extensive writeup that explained the uncanny size of the island cities of Kerabor, why they were both of equal size (10,000), and what gave license to their size, as neither is a large-scale trade center. The conclusions I've drawn from my reconstruction have proved interesting and, I think, provide interesting insight into the nature of the Korluans.

I've written two thousand words today, spanning from the arrival of the Horzili Jarin up to just before the arrival of the Ivinians, circa TR 300. As the further development of Venarive behooves all of us, I wish to inquire about the level of detail anyone else has achieved on Korlua, to avoid duplication of effort and open up opportunities for cooperation. And of course, if KP has interest in including any of it in a future edition of SV or a product on Hepekeria, I'd be happy to volunteer the manuscript for that purpose as well. I've the requisite bookshelves of Osprey histories and other resources to make my work echo reality as was Robin's vision, but I lack the consultation of fellow Kelestians, which is perhaps most important of all.

So for anyone whose specialty is northern Hepekeria, or who dabbles sometimes therein, I invite your consultation.

I could be reached here; or at the (dot) Justinian (at) gmail; and by a similar fashion on skype at hours usual to GMT-6.

(Forgive the lack of accents. I'm a big fan of them and I'm glad they remain front and center in KP's vision of Kelestia; until I return to a Mac, however, they remain somewhat difficult to type.)

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