Nightsky on Kèthîra generator

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I tried to use the system on gaming aids and tools page but it did not work, gave me 'Page not found
The requested page could not be found.' error message. Has it gone offline?

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Gone, it is...

You are right, it does not work anymoe.

Since it definitely did work, it either was "lost", the Perl installation of the server has changed or the user allowances of the script were incorrectly set when the file moved for some reason.

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It's fixed now. Thanks for

It's fixed now. Thanks for letting us now!

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My God, it's full of stars!

Fast work, thanks!

A list below that tool with a couple of coordinates for some important sites, like Cherafir, Berema, Kotyn, Meokolis or Chelemby would be great.

In a perfect world it would be linked, with preset important astronomical timestamps :-)

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Astro tools

Are the code and resouces for this tool available anywhere?

(I built an Astrology program that does the planets at any given time and location. with the nightsky tool code it might be posible to add the stars as well (or it might be a crouded mess). But it it worth looking at.)

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Astro tools

Yes, you can have the source code. Jan can provide you with the archive. It will contain one perl source file, one data file and a couple of auxilliaries, e.g. the background.

For any comments, questions or remarks you can reach me on lythia more easily. Or hope that Jan will be foward everything to me. :-)

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My God, it's full of stars!

I just sent a preliminary page to Jan with all the coordinates from "Ports & Markets". That's 340+ lines. Maybe he should thin them out by taking only MK >= 5? Now to multiply this with important timestamps, this would require a program in itself to wade through the mass of data.

I don't think "important astronomical dates" aer actually important. If you are an evil GM, you would take the (arbitrary) time the PCs are stranded at some random coordinates on Kethira and present them with the night sky. "Now go find out where you are... "

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@ Feanor and everyone else

@ Feanor and everyone else who is interested in the Nightsky source material:

Please contact me via the Contact section of the website, choosing Customer service as category (otherwise your mail won't go to my address), and send me an e-mail address that can receive file attachments of at least 1 MB (most accounts should allow this these days ;-)).

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Its full of data!

It is simple and elegant code.

I notice that "tmp2.html" has reference points of over a hundred imporant locations of interest. You can open tmp2.html (even on your own computer) and just 1-1 0:00 and hit go.

Also it looks like it would be a a simple change to make the constellations look like the constellations in the book.

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