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In reading over the Umbath entry in the HMG Bestiary, it suggests that they are capable of flight ("taking roost on a roof" and "constant flights around and through the streets and homes of a village") but that doesn't seem to be reflected in the stats. The HMG Bestiary illo is unclear as to whether they possess wings, although the illo in the HM1 Bestiary (and that in the current HM3 article) lack wings.

What was the intent? Flight or no? Have I missed any reference that explains this? I'm about to use a pack of these in my game, and it may be a critical difference if they can harass the PCs from the air.


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It's my understanding that

It's my understanding that the Umbathri can fly due to their substantially ethereal nature and do not have wings. Ilvir likes variation though. Nothing to say this particular pack of Umbrathi haven't been gifted with them.

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