Possible 2nd Account

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A mystery. My HMG books do not appear in my library. Is it possible I have a previous account? It would have had to have been many years ago now.

It would be "zrayaan"

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It may simply be because you bought them a very long time ago.
I'm speculating, but I know that my orders go back to 09/09/08, and the orders I placed before then (all the HMG stuff, Chelemby Kingdom, Evanekin, Koladis, Ledenheim, AK folio 1 (and possibly more)) don't appear in my file downloads.

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Orders (previous acct)

Because of the time period it would have been an account as zrayaan and probably using zrayaan@yahoo or *possibly* zrayaan.shopping@gmail (even possibly teak.shopping but I don't think I ever had that address). I do know it would have been prior to/circa 2004. I no longer have a paypal account under the zrayaan address, but I am nearly positive Kelestia didn't use that service at the time because I have pretty good records stemming from sales on ebay during that time.

And if I had to guess, I only bought HMG Player/GM and Lost Deities.

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I do know that the database died and had to be revived sometime back in the "00's". Contact Kelestia via the contact button and I am sure they can help you out.

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