Merge (Common ML)

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So how does this work, and when would you use it? I did a quick comparison using Balm of Gresan (I) and Verdant Hand (I) and it neither saved time nor fatigue - of course, as a GM I could use the opportunity to restate the magical wonder of magic, but I why use an empty spell for that. Clearly, there's two things I'm not putting together in mind (nothing surprising about that).

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The idea of the Merge spell is to be a component in "experimental magic". You could use it, for example, to merge castings of the "Sanctum" and "Balm of Gresan" spells in the hope that you might find something that both acts as a Sanctum and also helps heal wounds while you are in it, or perhaps a Sanctum that gives some particular benefit when casting Balm of Gresan while in it. The results are undefined, and are subject to GM discretion/player-GM negotiation. You might also look at making Apocalypse World Engine style rolls to determine how close to what the mage actually wanted the result turns out to be...

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Merge (Common M)

Thanks for the example. I am not good at magic in any system, and one of my players is willing to help me figure SP out one piece at a time. This was something we couldn't wrap our heads around except as to rely on GM fiat.

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