News on new content?

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Noticed it's been a while since this site has had any news :(
What's currently planned or in the works by Kelestia?

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Same question here: Is KP

Same question here: Is KP still working on something?

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Patiently waiting

I know its just a hobby project with limited time that creates professional output and yields no money. So I am biding my time and really hope that there will be new snippets, modules or maps :-)

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New stuff

Hi all, there are indeed more product coming down the pike. Karejia, Thonia and Clans and Folk of Chelemby are all waiting on artwork and will hopefully be out soon.

Looking forward to what people think of them. :)



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Hello Ken,

this is fantastic news! Great to hear that. Keep up the excellent work.


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The day these come out I will not only buy, print and read them, but also have a small celebration upon the comeback of Kelesta :-)

Still... Thonia was announced "waiting for art" roughly a year ago, so I will cultivate the patience that all old Harniacs must have. Seeing any of the three would make my day. Any way to help fasten the process?

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