For Premium customers: Mengola link fixed.

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Premium customers take note: There was a glitch in the Mengola post which has been fixed. The Mengola PDF Map is now available for free download for all our premium customers.

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Premium customer

What dos one need to do to become a Premium customer?

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Here's the

Here's the link:

Here's the key datum:

"For any of our customers who has spent $100 or more on this website, we will make available a growing amount of 'pre-publication' material. This will be accessible from a Premium tab on the menu bar of this site. Needless to say this will only be viewable by those who have spent the necessary amount."

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Is it automatic, or do you have to apply?

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lt's automatic but can

lt's automatic but can sometimes take a day. According to your user profile, you now are a Premium User. Please check the top navigation bar for the "Premium" button.

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