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Couple spelling errors, can I get some clarification of proper spelling;

Kôri: I assume it's KÔRRI

Píndè: should it be PÍNÍDÈ or PÍNIDÈ

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Correct spellings


No, in fact "Kôri" is the correct spelling. Because a previous publisher chose not to use Robin's accents, they had to indicate when a "long-r" was required by using "rr" insead of a circumflex over the previous vowel. "Kôri" and "Korri" are the same.

"Píndè" is also Robin's correct spelling for the location. I have checked his orginal files, and that is how he spelt it.

Cheers and thanks


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Correct spellings

Ah, thought that was bound to happen, thanks for the clarrification Jeremy.

Wish they'd used all the proper accents personally :( so much easier to understand how to pronounce them when not on Terra.

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