Sánthrada - Eastern Lýthia Map and Index

Welcome to our first publication of 2018 - and this one is an exciting one. We have the first of two products which will detail the vast region of Eastern Lýthia, known by the local cousins of the Sínai as "Sánthrada".

This map and accompanying index covers the whole of Lýthia east of the Gulf of Mafán. This vast region covers many different climatic zones and is the home of many realms - including Diramóa, Lýthia's most populous realm. Other key states in Eastern Lýthia are Molkûra, the continent's most ancient realm; Shóju, aggressive island imperialists; Káneum, a realm dominated by the descendants of nomadic Khans; and eastern Mafán, with many diverse realms.

This first publication includes two PDF maps (multi and single layer), and a 14-page index of the locations noted on the maps. A full module covering the whole regions will follow.

For further details, and to purchase, see:

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Thank you! Looks really cool. I have been looking forward to this for a long time. Hopefully the full book will come soon.

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Into the unknown...

I especially like it how it complements the Mengola-map. All we need now is a Mengola Index and extensive modules covering each and any local site on both maps. :-)

Seriously spoken, seems we are now equipped for a circumnavigation of Lythia, though not yet of all Kethira. Time for an adventure?

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It's always Adventure Time!

There are over 250 pages of text already written for Santhrada, but getting artwork for a publication that large will take a while. In the meantime, expect to see sections of the text released in draft form as Premium content, just so you can get a head start in your adventuring. Once all the art is done, the finished module will be released in its entirety. Expect a format similar to "Anzeloria".

FYI, there is also a nice Kamerand map in inventory, but no text or index, yet. A base Mernat map was already released as Premium content. There are also base maps in inventory for all the other archipelagos, so the full circumnavigation idea is not entirely a pipe dream.

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Can't wait

Thanks for the update! Glossing over the map makes me so excited. So many details and stuff I want to know more about. Looks so cool. And maybe in time a map of the Gulf of Mafan as it is now scattered among multiple maps. But anything in this part of the world will be met with joy by me.

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any news?

I was wondering if there is any news on when the the Santhrada module will be published. Eagerly awaiting this. :)

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There's a lot of work to do.

There is at least one major publication in the queue ahead of it. Expect a few more "preview" articles before the final product is released.

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"There's a lot of work to do." Santhrada module

RE."There is at least one major publication in the queue ahead of it."

Can you say what this work is? Appreciate time-frames are flexible.

Also eagerly awaiting Santhrada module. :)

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Sánthrada - Eastern Lýthia Map and Index

Is there a reason why Molnasya is not mentioned in the index? There are several locations on the map.

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We're trying to keep Molnasya a secret . . .

Just kidding. In the full publication, Molnasya is organized differently. It isn't an organized polity (or group of related realms) like the other entries, and the marked locations aren't ordinary towns or markets. The Index follows the formats used in the main publication and inherited the difference in formatting. The reasons will be more apparent when you see the main product.

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New project news.

Are there any new projects (small or large) that we can expect to see this year or are they all scheduled for next year?

I'am loving all the work you've all done so far (map/index and the stuff you published on premium content) on Santhrada I'am Yeager to acquire it fulfilled alas all your work is very well done some good others excellent.


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It's possible.

There are two major projects that could get released by the EOY. I doubt that both would make it by that deadline, but there is a very good chance at least one will.

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Is there any news on this publication?

Alex Greene
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2020 Releases?

I'm just wondering about releases in 2020 now. I was pleasantly floored by Karejia, and by the first foray into Hepekeria.

I'm not surprised that there've only been these two releases this year. Both supplements were huge, and if you have things like Azeryan coming up (which would be a supplement on the scale of Anzeloria), I'm not daunted by the long wait for what comes next.

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We have several products in production...


We have several products in production.

We hope at least one will be before the end of the year, and several early next year.

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