Emélrenè Interactive Map

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I've bought the Emélrenè interactive map but can't find it in my account list of available downloads.

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Sorry about that! I've

Sorry about that! I've manually added the map to your files, and it should be ready for download.

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Link to Emélrenè solved

Thanks! By the way great work on the map.

Congratulations on all your works! The Kingdom modules, maps, region modules are all beautifully made!

Finally, we are getting the world of Khetira fully detailed and very well done.

I'm eager to the see and buy the completed work on Santhrada beautiful work on the map of Santhrada, I have hopes the get the full work in my hands till the end of this year maybe we all get lucky....
Are there any more works coming out of the oven this year? Or is it confidential
Thanks again! And congratulations to the whole team!

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