From Upover to Downunder and Back Again...

August-September 2007 From time to time some of us are let out from under our dank, stone bridges and let fly about the mundane planes. Sometimes we stop and linger here and there to smell beverages, taste the air or even buy souvenirs like plush toys, placemats or fudge. Although, fudge makes a poor souvenir since it never seems to make it home. The original plan was to go to Leeds in what used to be called Yorkshire. We didn't go so far astray because they reorganised the British counties (although it certainly didn't help... I'm pretty old fashioned in some ways). A trip downunder to New Zealand and Australia may have been our second choice (well third choice actually) but it could never be something to regret. I am reasonably convinced that people are pretty much the same, kind, helpful, wonderfully eccentric, generous and hospitable just about everywhere, but damn... some of them certainly do talk funny!

Non-Leaping Lizard

At Southbank across the river from the City of Brisbane there is a 'rainforest walk', complete with denizens. This fellow was clearly posing as he remained perfectly still while we snapped him from three different angles.

Photo: S.MacLeod ©2007

I Do Like to Be

North of Vancouver there is a stretch of seaside called the 'Sunshine Coast'. Similarly, north of Brisbane there is a stretch of seaside called the 'Sunshine Coast'. They are more or less the same, except that one has the 'Alaska Current' flowing by and the other is warm. The beach north of Brisbane touches the Coral Sea (later in the trip it occurs to us why it's called that).

It has long been my habit to dip my toes into every body of water as I come to it for the first time. I make a point of avoiding the Arctic. I suppose I could skip the Coral Sea this time since I dipped my toes here in 1998 and again in 1999 and 2000... on the other hand I don't have photos of those occasions. Also, technically, the Coral Sea is only an arm of the Pacific, and I've dipped my toes in that so often that 'some people' are thinking of renaming it Robin's Toes Sea.

The beach I am on runs roughly from Bondi to Cape York. There are white sands, yellow sands, rocks, and the occasional headland. This particular part of the 2000 mile beach is 'King's Beach' at Caloundra. It would have been really cool to stand here while there was a storm blowing in. Somewhere over the horizon is home...

Photo: S.MacLeod ©2007

Magical Flower

We stay at a place called the Allender Appartments in New Farm (a suburb of Brisbane). In the front of the building is a bush with magical flowers. This one was not there one day, it appeared the next morning and was gone again in a few hours. This strikes some people as a bit 'odd'.

Photo: S.MacLeod ©2007

Giant Hopping Mices...

The Giant Australian Hopping Mouse... er... well... there's not a lot to say about them that hasn't been said... repeatedly.

Photo: S.MacLeod ©2007

A Mother's Touch

Some wallabies get fed carrots, but won't eat them until someone chews them a bit. Wallabies are lazy, but not as lazy as roos or koalas.

Photo: R.Crossby ©2007

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