From Upover to Downunder and Back Again...

August-September 2007 From time to time some of us are let out from under our dank, stone bridges and let fly about the mundane planes. Sometimes we stop and linger here and there to smell beverages, taste the air or even buy souvenirs like plush toys, placemats or fudge. Although, fudge makes a poor souvenir since it never seems to make it home. The original plan was to go to Leeds in what used to be called Yorkshire. We didn't go so far astray because they reorganised the British counties (although it certainly didn't help... I'm pretty old fashioned in some ways). A trip downunder to New Zealand and Australia may have been our second choice (well third choice actually) but it could never be something to regret. I am reasonably convinced that people are pretty much the same, kind, helpful, wonderfully eccentric, generous and hospitable just about everywhere, but damn... some of them certainly do talk funny!

And a Star to Steer Her By

An unexpected benefit of our visit to Sydney was the presence of the 'tall ships'. At this point we did not know why there would be in the southern hemisphere's finest harbour in the dead of winter (we'd find out later).

Photo: S.MacLeod ©2007

Some People are too Important

Some people are too important for our own good. Seems Everyone forgot to tell us that the weekend we'd be in Sydney was the same weekend as the APEC conference. I don't mind if politicians get together for conferences, now and then. It keeps them out of trouble and makes them feel important... Unfortunately, it doesn't keep them off the streets.

Some of these politicians think their own people want to hurt them (or bum money or something). So the APEC police erect huge barriers everywhere to keep them safe.

Unfortunately I had this 'moment' planned. I wanted to bring my companions along the promenade from Circular Quay and let them see the Opera House and the Bridge at the same moment. This is one of the most impressive urban landscapes I've ever seen, but not on this trip! You can't get there (or even to Mrs. McQuarie's Chair) from here... sigh.

Instead of getting to the Opera House, I spend twenty minutes with a couple of NSW's finest rubbishing our PMs... My PM is worse than your PM!

Photo: S.MacLeod ©2007

Proper Use of Leftovers

The Domain in Sydney was one of the few bits of the city that weren't fenced off for the purpose of annoying us. Here is where they keep leftover bits of old buildings strewn about in an artistic and quite photogenic manner. I did experiance the desire to see if all the bits would go together somehow... like a giant buiding set. Damn this chemotherapy and how weak it makes me!

Photo: S.MacLeod ©2007

The Toad Goes Ever On and On

See the resemblance? It was more pronounced before I started recovering. What puzzles me is that I didn't think they liked cane toads down here.

This is the last picture before we get on the aeroplane to fly home. It was another great trip downunder; I'm already planning my next one. Now I got to go home and find out what my oncs have been doing... dun dun dun dun dun... I hope at least some of you have enjoyed this 'gallery' which is really just my holiday snaps. My lovely wife took most of them, but I wrote the clever captions. Yea us!

Photo: S.MacLeod ©2007

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